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From the album:
Passion Play

Set Free

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Hamburger Man Listen

he’s the hamburger man
he’s gonna stuff ya pumped plump happy yummy
whatever feed you need
choke it down for your daddy and mummy
at the hamburger man
the hamburger man
fastest food in the land
he’s the hamburger man

drag your 2.7 kids in
sit ‘em down tank ‘em up see ya later
crank your wanker to win
a spankin’ Yankee brand new ‘frigriator
at the hamburger man
the hamburger man
pleasure from a spray can
get ‘em Deputy Dan

he got chicken he got fries
christ there’s everything from soup to nuts
from small to SuperSize
he whistles sweepin up your cigarette butts
he doesn’t mind

so everybody come on in
come on in and have yourself a chocky shake
he’ll call it even-steven
he don’t even care how many straws you take
he’s mister hamburger man
funnest food in the land

well we went to the show
for a smoke and a joke and a thriller
then we was ready to go
say hello to Mister McFiller

so make a wish… before you know, he’ll come to your home town
he’s programmed like a circus, there’ll be LOTS of smiles around
his dizzy disney politics will take YOU by the hand!
next, you’re on board the Gravy Train where ALL UNHAPPY THOUGHTS ARE BANNED

at the hamburger man
fastest food in the land
so pleasantly planned
he’s the hamburger man

the hamburger man
he’ll lend a friendly hand
get ‘em Deputy Dan
inch of grease in the pan
culture from a spray can
dirty people all banned
where your pleasure is planned
where the smiles are canned
at the hamburger man

music & lyrics by George Wallace, ©Celestial Songs (ASCAP)